Leyla Akdogan: Visual Artist, Musician, and Lawyer

by Isaura Aceves

For as long she can remember, Leyla Akdogan has been constantly growing into new mediums and expanding her skill set. Akdogan has worked with oil painting, watercolor, sculptures, 3D art, and animation, which she has incorporated into her music. In her work there’s she attempts to showcase the imagery of longing, to be drawn into a world that is not physically there.

Seeking a new medium to incorporate into her music, she taught herself animation and has since won an award from the SoCal Film Festival for Best Short for the song “King of Silence.” Through the experience of working on that video, she began expanding her art and started to work on some for her own band, Loch and Key.

“Music and art to me are completely related, like the music affects the art,” said Akdogan.  “I’ve literally done paintings for songs that we’ve done. I’ve listened to our songs while painting and I’m working for the videos for the songs. It’s all part of the same.”

The passion in her voice and enthusiasm show the care she has for her work.  We were fortunate enough to step into her studio and learn about her experiences as a visual artist.